Technological equipment module separate passive for assembly of aggregates - offer №3495

Year 2009

Based on standard supporting components and
those of the movement is constructed supporting
frame of a passive roller transporter.
On the left of the transporter in the direction of
cargo flow across on rails are 4 pc. mobile roller
platforms mounted on lift platforms with
electrohydraulic drive, which change and keep
their height with parameters of the assignment
h 400-1000mm. At the exit is placed roller-ball table,
which is part of the passive roller transporter.
Used rollers are type 50x2 STI with loading capacity
120 da.N/ bearing.
Profiles: 08КП б=3;4;5;, laser cut and curved on
abcant with electronic control-smoothness of the surface,
value, uniformity of the section and interchangeability.
Supporting elements strength class 6.8 and 8.8;
Spherical galvanized supports ULMER
Anchors WURTH
Power supply and control SCHEIDER,
Hydraulics HYDRONIX

7,059.00 BGN w/o VAT

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