Vulcanisation press for the repair of the belts up to 1200 mm width - offer №6015

Maker TuncerLer
Year 2014

Unused Vulcanisation press for the repair of the belts up to 1200 mm width

1. Operating Voltage: 380 volts, 50 Hz (three-phase).
2 The heating plates (upper and lower) are made by special aluminum alloy. Our machine has one pair of heating plates 1300x950x65 mm.
All these plates are rhombic 16 * 42 '. The thermoelements used are manufactured by the electrical resistances installed in stainless steel tubes of 8,5 mm diameter.
3. The fixation of the heating plates are realised by four couples of traverses. Each Traverse is equipped with six hydraulic pistons.
The size of the traverse are 1600mm (length) x215 mm (width) x250 mm (height).
4. The pressure applied to the vulcanization is 150 N / cm2 and temperature - 145-160 degrees Celsius.
5. Manually Controlled hydraulic pump that is used to achieve the necessary pressure on the piston can reach 170 bars.
6. The control panel is suitable for automatic temperature control. It is possible to manually control the temperature.
7 .Nagrevatelnite plates are equipped with a cooling system with pressurized air.
8. All materials used are certified under ISO and CE.
9. The length of the splice 850 mm
10. The maximum time of heating at 145 degrees centigrade is 25 minutes.
11. nominal capacity is 18 KW. (9 KW for each plate)
12. The temperature of the heating plates can be monitored continuously and separately on the control panel.
1.3 Class of protection IP 54
Temperature at 14 deviation of the surface of the plates is max. (+/-) 2 degrees Celsius.

17,562.00 BGN w/o VAT

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