Omega Allpro 90 - offer 7344

Maker Omega
Model Allpro 90
Year 2013

Technical specifications

1- Power supply
Power supply motor 3 KW AC for independent spacing of workpieces
7 straps for the power supply (26 mm)
Motor for vibrating the feedstock stand to separate workpieces and eliminate missed strokes and duplication
2 stands for feeding raw materials of different sizes
Double feed locks with diamond tips, adjustable in four directions, which provide precise control of all workpieces
The sides of the hopper are adjusted independently in four directions
Modular power supply brackets with individual belt tension

2- Pre-folding segments (PF1 and PF2)
Preparation of the first fold line up to 180 , 3rd fold line up to 135 for straight cartons / boxes
Tape for the third big - 24 mm
Left and right device to interrupt the application of glue
High-speed device for opening the third big

3- Automatic lower part
2 lower and 2 upper supports
3 sets (9 pcs.) Of the nozzle with different sizes
6 pcs. retractable hook mechanisms
Hooks of different sizes
located in segments PF1 and PF2

4- Servo folding system for 4 corners
The Omega single-thumb reverse folding servo system provides a continuous and constant function for folding the 4 corners and allows for automatic folding of all types of boxes / cartons in the working range of the machine by making all necessary adjustments for the operator after the operator just enter the length of the cap. The touch screen dashboard allows the operator to make changes to all parameters for different textures, thicknesses and types of sheets. Each set setting is stored in the electronic memory for the values ??for subsequent orders.
Located in segments PF1 and PF2
2 sets (6 pcs) of wooden (sugar maple) folding tips of different sizes
Polyamide guides in the last folding segment for 4 corners with cover
Sliding end rollers on both sides of the machine for the last folding for boxes / cartons with 4 corners and special types of cardboard

5- Segment for last folding
Extended rear folding segment for easy movement of boxes / cartons
Central receiving guide in the last fold segment with 24 mm bottom and 19 mm top strap
Folding straps with separately adjustable speeds (20 mm and 30 mm)
Chrome-plated and sliding folding rollers with different angles, which can be adjusted in four different positions
Easily adjustable left and right adhesive container with wheel diameter F 226 mm
2 standard removable brass adhesive discs
Polyamide guides
Two knives with universal positioning and different size

8- Output segment
The special design of the output segment offers more control over the finished boxes / cartons with extended output carriers and a highly reliable construction, which provides a higher range of positioning options on the stacking area and the ability to display the boxes / boxes on both sides of the machine. Double input guides provide optimal control of the arrangement of irregularly shaped boxes / cartons. Adjustable tip rollers maximize the depth of the pile boxes in the compression segment when stacking piles of boxes / cartons with increased or lower height.
Double adjustable 2 lower and 2 upper extended feed carriers with easy adjustment for all types and sizes of boxes / cartons (upper feed arms .mm)
The straps can be adjusted while the drivers are moving
Pusher / enumerator
Output motor 4 KW AC for independent spacing of workpieces
Electronic adjustment system that provides a continuous flow of boxes / cartons to the entry point of the stacker

7- Stacking device
Double input brackets with rollers with corrective nozzles to facilitate the arrangement of irregularly shaped boxes / cartons
Pneumatic, built-in compression stacker
1.1 KW AC drive motor for the compression stacker
Independent speed adjustment depending on the flow of boxes / cartons
Automatic guide and side adjustment for top and bottom plate
Adjustable pressure tape on the stacking plate
263 cm upper compression
Mounted on adjustable wheels

8 General characteristics
Main motor 11 KW AC and Siemens drive
20 mm bottom and 19 mm top strip
The upper supports are raised and lowered by a system for easy adjustment according to the thickness of the box / box
Standard size bearings
Solid steel frames
20 X 20 mm support rods
Siemens main touch panel with touch screen
Belt speed: 400 m / min
Length of the machine: 12.8 m
4 AC motors
Position indicators
CE certificate

91,200.00 BGN w/o VAT

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