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Service station and showroom, the city of Blagoevgrad

Offer price: 1,980,000.00 BGN w/o VAT

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Property type:
Aream2:: - 2048, - 6207 ..
Property with excellent functionality and location, intended for "Auto, Motor Show, center for annual technical inspection and service station" located in the town of Blagoevgrad, in an area with very good transport accessibility for cars and pedestrians. The property is with convenient and easily accessible location, close to main boulevards and near highway E79.

The site includes complex of six buildings, and terrain with area 6207 sq.m.

Buildings' description:

- one-floor building, with area of 836 square meters Acts as a vehicle repair center;
- one-floor building, with area of 419 square meters, functions as a showroom;
- two-floor building, with area of 238 square meters It acts as an administrative building;
- one-floor building, with area of 286 square meters Acts as a service center;
- one-floor building, with area of 11 square meters, function as checkpoints;
- one-floor building, with area of 258 square meters, functions as a service center.

Location: First industrial zone of the city of Blagoevgrad, address: bul. Vasil Levski 61.
Strategic location of the region - Blagoevgrad is economic, cultural and educational center of southwestern Bulgaria, located on Transport Corridor 4 European route E79 - Remote is 31 km away from the Republic of Macedonia, 83 km from Greece, 88 km from Serbia. The distance to Sofia is 96 km, through highway.

First-class location of the property - immediate proximity to international highway E-79, leading to the border with Greece. The area is an industrial zone - available plants, warehouses and other industrial buildings. The area is with fully established power and water supply, paved road network, telephoning, street lighting.

All buildings are in very good functional condition. The remaining part of the plot is constricted asphalt transportation lanes, concrete playgrounds, pedestrian walkways, landscaping. The property is surrounded by fence. There are 27 parking lots for customers and another parking for personnel behind the buildings. Available are security alarm system, electrical, plumbing and sewage systems, air conditioning and ventilation, fire alarm, low voltage installations.

Contact persons:
Alexander Conchev, GSM: +359 896 894052, e-mail: